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Please note that not all of products/molds are listed and shown here. If you are unable to locate the product you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach us for more info or requests.

HB series (30~ 37mm)

HB series stands for Hybrid process by Forging & Extrusion. Considering the more competitiveness we could bring for customers, HB series provides the better thermal performance than extruded heat sink, but with less cost than forging ones relatively.

HS - Extrusion (30~ 39mm)

EX series stand for Extruded heat sink and provide quick options for selecting to fit your designs.

LT & LF (30, 35, 37mm)

LT & LF series stand for Super High Density Forging heat sink, that create larger dissipating area by having intensive contact with airflow, especially with outstanding performance in fanned designs.

LT - Datasheet

LF - Datasheet

- Lower MOQ
- Shorter Lead time
- Fast samples
- To be fixed by Z-bar or Thermal Pad directly
Series HB HS - Extrusion LT & LF
Base Size (mm) 30 x 30 ~ 37 x 37 30 x 30 ~ 39 x 36 30 x 30, 35 x 35, 37 x 37
Material AL 1070 AL 1070 AL 6063
Finish Black anodized Black anodized Natural anodized
or to be assigned
Available Height (mm) 6, 10, 13 5 ~ 30 3, 6 , 9, 10, 13
HB series (30~ 37mm)
HS - Extrusion (30~ 39mm)
LT series
LF series


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