Below 5.0 mm H

Below 5.0 mm H

Welcome to select the height you need from our product series below.
Please note that not all of products/molds are listed and shown here. If you are unable to locate the product you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach us for more info or requests.

HS - Extrusion (5 mm)

HS series stand for Extruded heat sink and provide quick options for selecting to fit your designs.

LT & LF (3 mm)

LT & LF series stand for Super High Density Forging heat sink, that create larger dissipating area by having intensive contact with airflow, especially with outstanding performance in fanned designs.

WZ series (3 mm)

WZ series stand for Forged Heat Sink with Elliptic fins (no holes for push-pins or screws), that provide better dissipating performance than pin-fin design while contacting with airflow.

- Lower MOQ
- Shorter Lead time
- Fast samples
- To be fixed by Z-bar or Thermal Pad directly
Series HS - Extrusion LT & LF WZ
Available Height (mm) 5 3 3
Material AL 6063 AL 1070 AL 1070
Finish To be assigned Black Anodized Black Anodized
Base Size (LxW, mm) Free x 10.0 min./ 57.5 max. 19x19, 25x25, 30x30, 35x35, 37x37, 40x40 40x40
HS - Extrusion (5 mm)
LT series
LF series
WZ series


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