Graphite Heat Spreader ~ just FIT your expectation in slim design cooling !

As your reliable thermal solution provider, we always pursue the better ways to resolve your headache from heat issues properly and smoothly.
It's pleased to introduce you another solution that perfectly not only resolve your heat issues in those designs with space limitation, but also keep your product small and light still!

- Ultra slim as 0.076mm thickness
- Conductivity in Planarity: 500 W/mK
- Better heat spreads than 400% to copper and 700% to aluminum
- 80% lighter than Copper and 30% than Aluminum
- Weight Saving compared to metal alternatives
- Eliminates hot spots and protects temperature-sensitive components
- Anisotropic ratio up to 300:1

Target market:
Flat Display/ Automotive/ Power Electronics/ Handheld devices (Smart Phone/ Tablet/ Wearable...etc)


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